Tea Education Websites and Blogs

Here are a few of the websites, blogs, and other online educational and personal non-commercial resources I've enjoyed while exploring and learning about tea. Some tea brands or retailers also publish their own blogs and videos as well.

Got a reference you'd like to recommend? Contact me and let me know!



TeaDB is a website and podcast started by friends and tea lovers James Schergen and Denny Chapin. They invite you to learn alongside them in their tea journeys! TeaDB consists of weekly tea tastings (on Youtube) and biweekly articles on their website. In the videos, they taste and review a tea and discuss the vendor/tea while giving a personal recommendation. The articles are an attempt to extend the English-speaking tea literature available on the internet and largely consists of curation from disparate sources and less-covered practical topics.


The Tea Squirrel by anna mariani

Anna, the Tea Squirrel, is a Los Angeles-based writer and photographer chronicling the joy of the tea life. Follow her for tea recipes, food/tea pairings, tea travel stories, tasting notes, and more!


ScottTea by Scott Norton

For almost two decades now Scott has have been a “tea person” (茶人), making tea everyday, and practicing 功夫茶 (gong fu cha, literally “the skill and challenge of tea”), 茶の湯 (chanoyu, literally “water for tea”), and various other East Asian “tea ceremonies”.  He has also been involved in the tea industry and performed academic research on tea history and tea production.

This blog is a reflection of his exploration of tea, the people he’s meet in tea, and the travels he goes on in pursuit of this beverage.