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Taking a Break from Tea Book Reviews

Since November 2017, I have read and reviewed 31 English language books about tea. These have run the gamut from history to reference and personal narratives to works of fiction. I will be taking a pause from reviewing tea books until 2019 while I focus on other activities in my tea practice. I hope you get a lot of value out of the reviews I have written so far. I have found several gems so far and look forward to discovering new ones starting in 2019 (see four and five star books).

Your suggestions for recommended reading are very much appreciated. I will add them to my ā€œTo Readā€ list on Goodreads. Better yet, if you are on Goodreads, send me a friend request!

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New Book Reviews - The New Tea Companion, The Little Book of Tea

I've reviewed two more tea books recently. First was Jane Pettigrew's "The New Tea Companion" - a pretty ambitious book covering several world tea terroirs and teas produced there. Second  was "The Little Book of Tea" which was a tea miscellany book with an interesting brewing and "time of day" recommendation guide in the back. Both reviews are available on my Tea Book Review page in more depth. Happy reading!

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