About Me

我叫 (My name is) Pamela Hamon

Pamela was always looking for a good, simple life.  She dreamed of 40 acres and goats off the grid in Central Vermont, but circumstances led her on a different path. She currently lives a reasonably ascetic but vivid life in Alameda, CA with her husband on a beautiful, classic wooden sailing yacht.

Pamela spent over a decade developing her career as a business consultant focusing on the solar industry but discovered slowly that something wasn't quite right. The more she "progressed" in her career, the less happy she was becoming. Through careful introspection, she realized that the "work" she was engaged in was a manifestation of ego. 

In tough or uncertain times, the tea kettle has always been waiting. Now, Pamela is discovering new joy and meaning through communion with tea and the community of tea friends across the globe.

This website and the growing list of resources here are part of Pamela's tea journey. We hope you enjoy it with a strong cup of tea and invite joy and introspection in to your day.